How much time will I require for getting my licence?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Almost everyone who comes to me to learn how to drive has this question in mind. The amount of time you require, depends on your skills. Until after the first lesson, I won’t be able to provide you a justified answer. Each of us has our own learning capacity and some of us are faster learners. My focus is to teach you how to drive safely and sometimes this requires a little more time.

Will I be able to pass my test on the first go?

It totally depends on how you do the test and I do not claim to have a 100% pass rate. I strive hard to prepare my students thoroughly so that they do their test well, but there are circumstances that mean you may not be able to give your best on the day. Most of my students pass their test first time. I not only train them to drive well; I also motivate them to drive confidently.

I am ready to start my lessons. What should I do now?

1. Get your learner’s permit.
2. Book your appointment with me.
3. When you come for lessons:

  • Make sure you carry a valid learner’s licence or temporary driving licence.
  • Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol or any form of sedatives.
  • If you are taking lessons in your own car, display ‘L’ plates at its front and the rear end.
  • Do not bring any form of hands free phone kit or Bluetooth as you won’t be allowed to use them.

Toggle title

  • VORT is a single testing process, in which, you will have to drive directly in the road along with other user. In this test, you will be accessed on multiple parameters including road skills, slow speed manoeuvres, traffic management skills, etc. You have to abide by all traffic laws. Even a single breach can result in an immediate failure.
  • In CBT, you will be taking up a step by step process. This gives you the flexibility to learn things at your own pace. You will be evaluated on the same parameters as mentioned above but not in one go. It is a step-by-step process.

You can choose any of them as per your convenience. Both of them have same objectives; to teach you the basics of driving so that you can drive safely without causing any inconvenience to any one on roads. You have to complete your 75 logged-hours, including 15 hours of night driving in both cases.

When are you available?

I am generally available 5 days a week and can also schedule lessons over the weekend. Pick up and drop-off points are to suit your convenience, I will come to you!
At periods of high demand, I may offer you a lesson with a trusted colleague if my schedule is already full.

I can’t attend a scheduled lesson. What should I do?

Contact me as soon as you know you have to re-schedule. I understand that unexpected things happen and I will do my best to find a new slot for you. Please be aware though that I cannot accept repeated late cancellations and I reserve the right to charge you for my lost time.